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  • Posted On 2022-07-02

Parenting is not easy, especially when doing it for the first time. From taking proper care of the children to helping them grow- parents need to pay attention to everything. And, when parents learn new things and add them to their child's learning arsenal, a child starts growing positively.
A child's brain is like a sponge- it absorbs everything the way it is presented. Ages 3 to 5 are crucial because this is when children start attending school. They learn several new things at school, but there are certain things they cannot learn only through textbooks.
Children are constantly curious about the things around them. They have several questions in their minds, and parents try hard to answer everything to help their toddlers understand.
Parents always want their children to be mentally and physically active. And what better way to give this a good start than practising different child fun activities? On that note, here is a list of fabulous activities that can develop some essential skills in a child. 
A bonus: The child activities mentioned here are suitable for children of all ages with some adult supervision.

Start by reading simple stories

Reading is one of the best child activities that parents can start as soon as the child starts to understand a few words. It is better to start by showing picture books and then read short and simple stories. This is an excellent way to bond with the little ones and help them develop their language skills.
Reading stories is also one of the best child brain development activities helping a child recognise languages, words and sounds. It not only develops the early literacy skills of a child but even helps them learn to value stories and books. It improves a child's ability to concentrate and focus, as well as builds communication and social skills. Also, this way, parents can stimulate curiosity in a child and spark their imagination by trying out one of the best child activities

Introduce Organisation

The next activity every parent can do to nurture a child is introducing organisation at home. This child development physical activity helps children with their mental development. Organised children are good at mental processing.
Learning how to stay organised makes a child understand the requirements of a task at hand. The child explores everything to complete a task - the time to complete and the right way to do it.
This is one of the best activities for children who cannot sort objects, those with short attention spans and who find languages challenging. Involving children in such child fun activities develops their mental, self and physical organisation skills, further boosting their learning potential. 

Basic board games

Parents should embrace these child fun activities for their fun factor and learning potential. Basic board games are vital child brain development activities helping them with early phonics, shapes, colours and numbers and even teaching them sharing and turn-taking.
Playing board games is also a fun child development physical activity as it helps anxious kids who cannot socialise easily. Such games can increase a child's attention span if they play the game till the end without any digital distractions. 

Work on a creative art project

The ability to use creativity in everything they do is crucial for a child's success and well-being. Children exposed to creative arts acquire a unique ability to be original, think creatively, innovate and make intellectual property- the critical skills for the success and prosperity of an individual in the 21st century.
Working on a creative art project with a child enables them to employ all their senses-touch, sight, sound, taste and smell, based on the activity. As the child experiments and creates by squishing colours between their fingers, blending materials and colour or drawing from their imagination or the things they see around them, it improves their fine motor skills. 

Learn musical instruments

Learning musical instruments is the most satiating of all the fun development activities to do with a child because it is a new skill that they learn. Not only this, it is one of the best development activities that also improves their IQ level.
This extracurricular activity develops their passions, interests and talents, as well as helps them to be social and fun. The little ones also learn the values of persistence, practice and dedication.


These are a few child fun activities that can help boost the growth of a little one. Parents should follow these child activities because they are not just fun playtime but even hacks to make learning and development easier for parents and their children.
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