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  • Posted On 2022-05-24

What Are Yoga Asanas?

Yoga asanas or yoga poses are body postures performed to benefit the mind and the body. They are not new; our ancestors have been performing them for ages because of the many benefits of yoga. More and more people realise the benefits of yoga and are thus starting to do it. As per studies, the main benefits of yoga asanas include:

  • Helping one in getting more flexibility.
  • Weight loss.
  • Shooting up the health of the digestive system and the heart.

Benefits of Yoga Asanas

There are many benefits of yoga asanas, such as 

  • Practising different yoga poses can help individuals control their minds, body, and soul. 
  • Simple yoga asanas bring together mental and physical disciplines for achieving a peaceful mind and body.
  • They can aid you in controlling anxiety and stress and keep a person relaxed time. 
  • Basic yoga asanas increase body tone, flexibility, muscle strength, respiration, vitality, and energy.
  •  Practising different yoga asanas might seem like simple stretching, but they can do much more, from moving to how you feel and look.

Here is an all Inclusive list of different yoga asanas with pictures and names that can help you keep your body and mind fit:

Yoga Asanas Names With Pictures and Benefits

There are immense advantages to different yoga postures. Every yoga asana comes with its advantages and can work wonders for your health, helping you feel and look your best. Different yoga asanas names and the benefits of asanas are as under:

1. Palm Tree Pose or Tadasana 

Perfect for an early morning yoga session, Tadasana is a good losing and stretching exercise for the whole body. It stretches the chest, arms, spine, leg, and abdominal muscles while giving a sense of balance at the same time. It is an easy yoga asana that people of all ages can practice.


For the Tadasana, you need to stand, joining your toes and heels while raising your arms to your knees. Your palm should remain upwards, and you must look straight. Now take a breath and raise your heels while laying your entire weight on your toes. Next, pull up your body and take your body while breathing out after a while. Repeat the Tadasana technique ten to fifteen times.


  • It strengthens the muscles in the legs.
  • This pose helps in eliminating leg pain.
  • It also helps in increasing the height of children.

2. Easy Pose or Sukhasana 

As its name suggests, this is an easy yoga posture ideally suited for beginners. It is excellent to start with and practice it according to your desired comfort. Sukhasana is beyond the limits of physical dimensions and offers excellent spiritual bliss.


You need to sit with your legs tightly tucked inside your opposite thighs. Make sure your spine is vertically straight. Keep your hands on the knees and practice breathing in and breathing out gently.


  • Sukhasana or the Easy Pose reduces mental tiredness, stress, and anxiety.
  • It even corrects body posture and stretches the spine and the chest.

3. Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

The Bhujangasana is also known as Sarapa Aasan because, in this posture, your body will look like a snake.


To practice this asana, you must lie down on the ground on your stomach and keep your hands close to your shoulders. Now raise your chest to the level where your arms get straight. You need to do this while stretching your legs at the same time. Next, take in your toes and hang your head slowly behind. Come to your initial position slowly and repeat the asana 3 to 5 times for maximum benefit.


  • Bhujangasana works wonders in broadening the chest and in making the spine flexible.
  • It also makes the chest, shoulders, head, and neck more active.
  • The pose offers flexibility and power to the body.
  • It increases the circulation of blood to different parts of the body.
  • The cobra pose also helps in reducing obesity.
  • You can practice it regularly if you are suffering from liver diseases.
  • This pose is beneficial in strengthening the power of the lungs and the digestive system.

4. Downward-Facing Dog Stretch or Adho Mukha Svanasana 

This yoga asana decompresses and lengthens the spine while stretching the hamstrings and strengthening the arms. This pose will flush your brain with fresh oxygen and will calm your mind to a considerable extent.


You need to lie down on the ground straight with your stomach facing downwards to practice this pose. Now place your palm close to your chest and start exhaling while raising your trunk from the ground. Move your head inwards towards your feet while keeping your arms straight. Try extending your back to press your heels firmly into the floor, straightening your knees. You need to make an inverted “V” with your body.


  • This yoga pose calms the brain.
  • It helps in reducing stiffness in the shoulders.
  • It even helps in toning the legs.

5. Triangular Pose or Trikon Asana 

The Trikonasana is one of those yoga poses with many advantages to the human body. It improves spine flexibility and helps in the alignment of the shoulders.


You will have to stand in the Tadasana pose while keeping your feet three feet apart to turn your right foot to 90 degrees. Your left foot should turn slightly to the right while raising your arms sideways. Next, bend to the right, bringing your right palm towards your right ankle while straightening your legs. Repeat the same thing with the other side of your body.


  • It relieves stiffness in the neck region and back pain by improving spine flexibility.
  • It tones and massages the pelvic area and even relieves acidity, indigestion, and gastritis.
  • It also helps an individual improve their overall body posture.


So, this is all you should know about yoga asanas and their benefits of asanas. While most of them start it to heal their back pain or injuries, they continue with their sessions even after they heal. That’s the magic of yoga! It helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is best practised with the inclusion of herbs and Ayurveda in your regular life. To get top-quality Ayurvedic medicines and herbs for diabetes and mind and body care, you can visit