HealthAid Biotin 10000mcg Tablets, 60 tablets


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Product description

HealthAid Biotin 10000mcg is a dietary supply of vitamin B7 essential for the body to help transform food to energy. Biotin is water soluble and cannot be processed in the body so supplementation of Biotin on a daily basis is vital for many health benefits. Insufficient dietary intake or inheritance of inborn genetic defects causes Biotin deficiency. HealthAid Biotin 10000mcg is exquisitely crafte


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Q. Is it supposed to be taken before of after mean?
A. It can either be taken before of after meal.

Q. Is is a tablet or a capsule?
A. HealthAid Biotin is a tablet.

Q. Does it cause drowsiness?
A. HealthAid Vegan Biotin Tablet does not make you drowsy.