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Life-changing incidents such as accidents, injuries, fractures, or trauma could sometimes affect how we move and perform our daily activities. When the mobility of the body parts is affected either due to unforeseeable incidents or due to ageing, mobility and rehabilitation aids provide the necessary support to move and perform daily chores.

Mobility and rehabilitation aids are the medical equipment or devices that help you move around even when your mobility is affected due to various factors such as ageing, accidents, surgeries, injuries, fractures, etc. Wellness Forever online stores provide the best quality mobility and rehabilitation aids, and you can get these aids delivered at your doorstep.

The usual challenges faced in the availability of mobility and rehabilitation aids include accessibility and delivery-related issues from local pharmacies, lack of 24-hour service for emergencies, issues with availability of required aids, and lack of personalised advice available on call before making purchases.

Wellness Forever creates the best-in-class online shopping experience for you as it offers 24-hour delivery service and is open 24 hours every day. It has availability of all mobility and rehabilitation aids, and ‘call to order’ service for personalised expert advice before you make your purchase.

Wellness Forever offers top-notch mobility and rehabilitation aids to suit your requirement. You can purchase the following aids according to your specific need and budget.

  • Crutches: Crutches are the type of mobility and rehabilitation aids that help transfer the body weight from the legs to the upper part of the body. Crutches can be used either singly or in a pair, depending upon your medical condition. They help you maintain a stable gait and stay upright while standing or walking. These are suitable for people with both temporary disabilities, including fractures and injuries, and permanent disabilities, such as amputated body parts. You can buy forearm crutches, arm crutchesfolding crutches, or elbow crutches as recommended by your doctor.
  • Walking sticks: Walking sticks, also known as canes, are recommended widely by orthopaedic doctors as they are beneficial for reducing pain and improving balance. Walking sticks are primarily indicated to provide stability during walking and standing. They help take the pressure off your legs and help reduce inflammation in case of chronic painful conditions or acute injuries. Walking sticks and elbow walking sticks are widely used elderly care equipment to improve the sense of security and safety. The best sticks should be lightweight and strong enough to maintain balance.
  • Walkers: Walkers are of great help for people who have weight-bearing restrictions following injuries or surgeries. They have the advantage of having four legs and offer better support and stability. Walkers can be indicated in conditions where a person has a weak leg(s) and have been on prolonged bed rest. Walkers are lightweight aids suitable for the elderly as they provide better balance while walking and reduce the risk of falling.
  • Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs are very beneficial for people with permanent disabilities as they offer independence and the freedom to move. Wheelchairs also offer better physical health and respiration. The manual wheelchair will require a caregiver to move the wheelchair. Powered wheelchairs offer the advantage of controlling your mobility and more independence.

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