Fogg Deo Napoleon 120Ml


marketed by VINI COSMETICS


M.R.P.: 225

Inclusive of all taxes

Product description

Fogg Napolean Deodorant Spray is an alcohol based body spray with long lasting fragrance and drives away foul body odour. It provides 24 hours of freshness as well as uplifts the mood. It eliminates the body odour by reducing sweat and rejuvenates the body with fresh aroma. It is a travel friendly body spray with refreshing fragrance.

Fogg Napolean deodorant spray is an alcohol based body spra


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Q. Why do sweat stink?
A. Bacteria present on the skin metabolise components present sweat which in turn evolves foul odour.

Q. Are the deodorant alcohol based?
A. Yes, the deodorant are alcohol based.

Q. Are these travel friendly?
A. Yes, the deodorants are travel friendly and has convenient packaging.