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Kohinoor Pink Condom is a specifically developed to help men experience more passion and pleasure for extended periods of time. Important Characteristics: Ensures long-term pleasure. The product helps make your sexual moments prolonged and exciting every time. Kohinoor pink colored condoms are the no.1 small size condoms in India. Pink condom is made from the finest natural rubber latex and it is


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Q. Is Kohinoor pink condom safe?
A. Kohinoor Pink Condoms are advised for all types of sexual contact and are effective against STIs and pregnancy control. Kohinoor Condoms are available in a variety of exotic flavors. The Kohinoor Pink Condoms provide a longer length of intercourse. These condoms are lubricated and gentle on the skin.
Q. Are they Dermatologically & Electronically Tested?
A. Kohinoor condoms have been dermatologically tested to ensure that they are safe to use and gentle on the skin. Electronic testing is also performed on this Kohinoor tiny size to look for flaws or holes. Kohinoor produces the highest-quality condoms, making it one of India's most popular brands. The Kohinoor brand manufactures condoms of the highest quality and reliability and a unique blend and variety of condoms.
Q. What is the condom made of?
A3. This condom is made from the finest natural rubber latex.