Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food, Vegetarian, 3 kg


marketed by MARS PETCARE


M.R.P.: 850

Inclusive of all taxes

Product description

The Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food is 100% vegetarian. Every pack of dry dog food contains a balanced blend of many nutrients, vitamins and fibers essential for dog’s healthy growth. It is good for dog’s teeth, fur, bones, digestive tract, muscles and immunity.

A dog food that contains omega-6 and zinc, which are vital nutrients to keep pet's skin healthy and shiny

Also contains the right amoun


100% Authentic


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Q. Which healthy nutrients is present in this dog food ?
A. It contains omegA.6 and zinc, which is essential for dog's healthy and shiny skin.

Q. Is it a vegetarian dog food ?
A. Yes, this is a vegetarian dog food.

Q. What is the weight of this product ?
A. This product weighs 3KG.