Trident Sugar Free Chewing Gum, Spearmint, 18 Pieces


marketed by SUPER VALUE


M.R.P.: 140

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Product description

Trident Sugar-Free Gum is at the same time fresh and tasty chewing gum. Discover the world of our Trident Sugar-Free gum, the easy way to freshen breath. Take and chew a piece of mouthwatering Spearmint Trident for a refreshing taste that keeps for a very long time. One piece of the product includes a 14-piece pack of Trident Spearmint Sugar-Free Gum. One of the best parts of this refreshing chewi


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Q. Is this chewing gum good for my teeth?
A: The chewing gum does not contain sugar, so if you don't have allergies it should not have any harmful effects.
Q. Can I swallow the gum?
A: Even though we don't use harmful ingredients for our chewing gum, remember that it was designed to chew not to swallow.
Q. Does it have a sticky texture?
A: No, the chewing gum will not stick to your teeth.