Zorabian Chicken Samosa, 250 g


marketed by ZORABIAN FOODS


M.R.P.: 200

Inclusive of all taxes

Product description

Chicken Samosa is Zorabian's latest offering which makes for a perfect party snack. From its picture, you can see that it is meat mixed with various Indian flavours wrapped in a crispy patty. Indian flavours are for this chicken samosa a great filling and strengthen all the other savours that it has. When buying a pack of Zorabian's chicken Samosa, you will get 6 pieces of tasty crunchies ready to


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Q. What is the expiration date of the product?
A: It can last up to 9 months if stored at 18ºC.
Q. Is this a vegetarian product?
A: In the production of this item is used halal meat, so it is not vegetarian.
Q. Is the product rich in protein?
A: Yes, this is a big source of protein for you.