Glucon-D Tangy Orange Instant Energy Drink Refill, 100 g


marketed by ZYDUS WELLNESS


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Product description

Glucon-D contains glucose that helps replenish body glucose and fills you with the energy required to stay active. It is easily absorbed by the body, thus giving out an instant energy boost and refreshment. Enriched with Vitamin-C and Minerals, including Calcium and Phosphorus, this glucose drink helps charge you up to fight tiredness and promotes mental alertness. Added Orange flavour makes it lo


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Q. What is the key benefit of Glucon D?
A. Glucon D helps in hydrating the body, increasing mental alertness, boosting energy, and strengthening bones.

Q. Can we drink Glucon D daily and what is the recommended dosage?
A. One should avoid drinking Glucon D daily because it may increase your blood sugar levels. 4 teaspoons of this powder in 200ml water is enough to provide the body with its benefits.

Q. Is this flavor bitter in taste or just as fresh orange juice?
A. It is delicious in taste and taste similar to orange juice with extra added nutrition.